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The Silver Monster The Silver Monster

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great song, what program do you use?
I'm using the FL8 Demo right now.
Can't save
You wouldn't mind if i put together a music video of this would you?
Post it on youtube?
I'll give full credit to you for the song. I just noticed there wasn't a video out there for it.

Lapse responds:

I've been using FL for a long time now (FL7 is what i'm using now)

I've been there on the demo's - cant save - i used to actually leave the program running for days while i worked on some simple songs then export - ahhaaa, those were the days.

I would be honored to have you put together a music video man! For sure. I actually have a buddy here on Newgrounds under the name: "No1r" who's been working on a music video for me for a while now - he's been compiling scenery from around where he lives - i cant wait to see it in its completion! There's actually a redone version of this song that i recommend you check out as well. It can be found here: file/AloysiusRexford

(i took it down from newgrounds)

I would be glad to give you the download somehow through aim or msn or something. Hit me up with a message, man.